Allianz Mission

urban development / children with disabilities / families living in extreme poverty

Allianz-Mission (AM) is a Christian NGO from Germany. Inspired by God’s love, we partner with communities to improve the lives of people in need, regardless of their race, gender or religion.

Our engagement is not confined to a limited number of specialized programs, but instead, aims to develop diverse, integrated interventions, which are relevant for the context of each local community we work with.

Empowering people through capacity building in our partnering communities is a key strategy of ours. We strive to build long-term relationships with a focus on local resources and local knowledge. In this way, we avoid simple hand-outs and un-reflective giving.

Based on God’s act of reconciliation, we work for reconciled and harmonious relationships in families and communities.

AM works in close cooperation with national partners at all levels. All of our projects are integrated into local structures. We increase our impact by encouraging Christians and other stakeholders to seek the peace and prosperity of their communities.

As followers of Christ, we demonstrate integrity, trustworthiness, compassion and good stewardship in our life and work.

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